Is the Classic Series Secular or Christian?

Paige -

The Short Answer

At Elemental Science, we treat scientific fact as fact and scientific theory as theory. So we are not Christian or Secular - we are just science.

The Long Answer

Although our author, Paige, is a Christian, she has written our programs as non-sectarian. She has done her best to write each program in a manner that focuses on the science being studied instead of a person’s religious viewpoint.

Here is how this looks in our programs:

  • In the elementary years, we do not schedule pages that deal directly with evolution and the Big Bang theory. 
  • In the intermediate years, pages that deal with the evolution and the Big Bang are included as optional studies (Please view the Earth Science & Astronomy for the Logic Stage sample to get a better idea of how this is handled.) 
  • In the high school years, we do schedule the chapters from the standard CK-12 textbooks that deal with evolution and the Big Bang as we believe it is important for students to be familiar with these theories.

Basically, we seek to treat theories as theories and facts as facts. You can read more about the difference between theory and fact in one of Paige's older blog posts.

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