How can I use the Sassafras Science Adventures series with all students ranging from K5 through 6th grade?

Paige -

The Sassafras Science Adventures series is designed to work with a variety of ages. This is possible because:

  • The novels are on a 5th-grade reading level, so a middle school student can read it on his or her own. Alternatively, the whole family can listen to the novel as a read-aloud.
  • The activity guide provides you with suggestions for older (middle school) and younger (elementary) students, so it will help you as a teacher pull out the key concepts and provide you with options to enhance what the students are learning.
  • The logbook is very open-ended so that you can tailor the program to the individual student's needs. We also offer a lapbook as another option for recording what your student is learning.

The series offers multiple options so that you can provide a quality living books education in the sciences for a range of students.

The following articles will help you see how you can use living books to teach science to the different age groups:

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